Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hanging in There

Well, I feel like a truck has backed over me repeatedly today... unfortunately - I can only breathe out of one side of my nose, and my head feels like it's a balloon. (nice, right?)

Even with that though, I pushed through last night and did a good workout. I walked for 45 minutes, and did 2.5 miles. That's only about .4 of a mile less than the night before and 15 minutes less of walking time... so I pushed it a little harder on the speed. It felt good, and I was glad that I got myself to do it even though I really could have easily plopped on the couch for the duration of the evening.

I'm here at the office now trying desperately to get through this project, but after a day and a half... I'm only at the "Ba" portion of the alphabet... can we say that it's going MUCH slower than anticipated?!

Baby Harper is off the ventilator now, and is in the arms of her wonderful parents... please click the "Praying for Harper" icon on the right and go check out some pictures of her parents getting to hold their daughter for the first time... she'll be 2 weeks old tomorrow.

I just wanted to pop in and update my accountability chart, and say "Hi"... now I'm going back to sneezing and muddling through the remaining 3 hours of my workday. I'll try to catch ya'll later tonight if I have anything interesting going on.

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  1. I feel like I need to have a sit-down with your immune system or something. It is time for you to start feeling GOOD! :)


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