Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Are SO Over

After ONE workout - my body and I are no longer speaking to each other! One workout... and here I go coming down with a cold. ARG! I am determined to push through this, but seriously... can't my body throw me a bone?!

I'm going to give it a whirl working out tonight - I might not make it a full hour, but I'm going to do something... even if it's just half an hour - I'll feel like I'm at least working toward a routine.

You'll notice in the top right hand corner... I've added an accountability box so that you'll know where I am with my goals and daily habits. I might tweak this over time, and I'm trying to find something more sophisticated - but while at work... there are limits to what I can Google.

Anyone that is interested in joining in on the daily Bible reading - I've posted what I read for today... but you can easily still jump in by reading Genesis chapters 1-8 and Matthew chapters 1-3.

I've taken my B12 dot, D3+K dot, and 3 Flintstones vitamins today... plus in an attempt to beat whatever is ailing me... 2 vitamin C gummies... I'm SURE that I've gotten WAY more than what is needed on the vitamin C, but we all know your body just releases that when it doesn't need it... so no big deal there. I am still looking into the other vitamin regimen that I talked about a while back, but I think I'm going to make it my own, and figure out a combination of what I'm currently doing with the new stuff and see what works best for me. For right now though - I'm finishing up the vitamins that I already have... but it's time to get an order done for whatever I'm going to switch to.

I am setting a weekly goal for the number of workouts that I want to get in... this first week, since I started late - I'm shooting for 3... that will change next week, but I've got to figure out what is realistic for me... I'm thinking that 5 workouts is what I'm going to try to make the goal for normally. My break days will probably be Wednesdays & Thursdays... because Wednesdays are tight with John having worship team practice and Thursday nights are set aside for our Small Group when that starts back up again. Anything over 5 workouts in a week would be bonus... so I'd be thrilled if I got in a work out on Wednesday night or something in addition to the other days.

Here's the thing though - I need you guys to check this and drop me an email if for some reason you don't see it changing on a daily basis... sometimes when I get sidelined for whatever small things come up (lets just call it LIFE) my entire program gets derailed and it's months before I realize that it's time to get back in the saddle again. Feel free to make suggestions on things I can do to make this better - maybe being more specific and laying out what I did in the workout? I'll tell you that the majority of my workouts will be on the treadmill, but sometimes they might not... so I can certainly tweak it to tell you how long I worked out and the calories burned/distance or something like that.

I know I need help here, and I'm doing what I can to put it out there not only so that you guys can be my eyes and ears... but also so that if I put it out there - maybe I'll feel obligated to keep doing it until it becomes a habit. Regardless of if I lose any more weight - these are things that go a LONG way into making me a healthier person in body and spirit, and certainly won't hurt in the process of trying to figure out this crazy infertility mess. (I've got another post to write about that one...)


  1. YOU GO GIRL! You've got to start somewhere, right? You are setting achievable goals to begin with, so that's sure to bring you success, which will just motivate you to step up your goals each week!

    What are your overall goals by working out 5 times a week? Maybe if we know that, it will help us to follow your progress and suggest things that might help you reach the goals within the goal?

  2. Sheesh, you can't seem to catch a break! Now a cold on top of the other stuff!
    What really amazes me is that since my surgery, I had two colds, back to back while I was recovering and then have not had another one since. I used to get them quite often! I think the reason could be that I work out, so I hope as you fall into a routine with your workouts, it will also help you on the cold front too! I just wonder if that the more we utilize our bodies, the more healthy they become and the more proficient they become at fighting off viruses! Hopefully, I'm not just pulling that outta my rear end...LOL!


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