Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moments Like These

Yesterday I had a massive headache when I got home from work, and my sister came to the rescue like a knight in shining armor! She had a product that she gets from Whole Foods called a MyGrastick. We don't have a Whole Foods within 20 miles of our house... so I decided to use the power of the internet to find myself some of this stuff, and thankfully Amazon came to my rescue once again. I've got three of these coming to the house... one for me and two to share with women that I know also suffer from major headache issues. It's simply peppermint oil and lavender oil from what I've read, but when you rub this magic stuff on your temples, forehead and neck... it's like heaven.

In the same visit with my sister, her husband pulled me aside to talk to me. He's one of those men that really enjoys deep conversations, and sadly it's lost on me... because if I get blindsided - I can't string two words together coherently. He started telling me how great I look, how proud he is of me... and then the killer... how much my personality has changed. He said that I now project a sense of joy that I've never had before... it was truly sweet, and naturally - I cried... as I always do.

I knew that things had been changing for me over the last year, but I guess I never really knew that it would effect my personality in the ways that it has.

Another instance of this came during the holidays when I was over at my in-laws playing Dance Dance Revolution with John's sister. At one point the whole family was in the room watching us shake our "groove thing" to this game... and it didn't phase me in the least. I even danced along with Susan while holding Brooklyn... and helped Brooklyn dance some too. When we headed back home John said, "Wow, a year ago - you never would have gotten up in front of the family to shake your booty like that." I guess he's right - I wouldn't... I don't exactly know when or where that became ok, but somewhere along the way losing weight helps you come out of the protective shell you build for protection.

If only I could learn how to accept a sincere, heartfelt, and loving compliment without crying... we'd be doing really well!

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  1. i absolutely stand by the healing powers of the Migrastick! It is awesome. i used to suffer from major migraines (sometimes 3 a week lasting over a day each). The migrastick wouldn't completely take away the migraine, but it helped tremendously. i am glad you found it.


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