Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mock Race

I did it you guys - I set my treadmill to a 5K race this morning, and off I went!

I made it - and I think in some ways the actual race will be easier... in other ways it might be harder. The important thing is that I made it and it wasn't a really big struggle. Don't get me wrong - it was a challenge, but it wasn't more than I can handle.

I think that it might be easier because the road won't be on a constant incline - and the incline won't be as steep probably in most cases.

It might be harder because I'll have to keep my own pace instead of the treadmill regulating that...

I'm ready for this though - it'll be a welcome challenge.

I took John's "Before" measurements tonight - so we went ahead and updated mine as well. I've lost another inch in my chest and half inch in my hips since November. I wonder if this is the wrong time of the month to do measurements, but whatever... even if I'm bloated - it only means that the measurements are a little higher than they are on most other days, right?

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