Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Burst My Bubble

Ok, so I'll admit - I bought into the line "muscle weighs more than fat" hook line and sinker - because I need to believe that there is some logical reason why I am doing all this work and not getting any results on the scale... but then the other Kim mentioned that she heard Jillian Michaels talk about this issue on her podcast... and ya'll - I did some research.

I feel so dumb... and well frustrated because what in the WORLD is wrong with my body? It makes me absolutely crazy - and my doctor doesn't seem to think there is a problem... can anyone spell frustrating?!

Houston, we have a problem... a big one... what's the deal?

On top of that - I'm hanging my hat on the fact that I sincerely pray that Donna, Laurie and Heather are right in that my lower carbohydrate intake is the reason why my workouts are killing me.... ya'll I tried to do level 7 tonight and even had to back it down some... I was really hurting! Not to mention sweating profusely... which is weird... I mean yes, I sweat with this program... but not THAT much.

Anyone have any pearls of wisdom on this one for me?