Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hot Tea

I've got so much to share with you guys - so I'm going to start with the least important topics first. Here is a trip through my hot tea experience thus far...

These are the 12 different sample tins that I bought of the tea flavors - I've put them in a plastic shoe box that used to hold rice mixes in our pantry... this way I can seal them in there for a little added freshness.

I drank the gunpowder tea yesterday - it's a green tea flavor that was fairly good.

This is what the tea looks like before it is brewed. It has been interesting looking at the variations in the tea leaves.

This afternoon I sat down with a cup of white monkey tea - it's another green tea flavor.

Here is the tea getting ready to go into the pot with the hot water. Notice that these leaves are vastly different from the gunpowder variation.

In they go!

Here they are brewing in this brilliant tea pot that Christi told me about. You pour everything in the top, and then when it's ready - you put the cup underneath and it drains out the tea leaving the leaves behind.

My up of tea - my plan was to curl up with a book and read while drinking it, but that didn't work out for me as planned.

My friend Hope turned me on to this sweetener several months ago - okay - like a year ago... she brought some to my old office and had me try it... but I saw a HUGE display of it at the store today, and thought that it might be good in my tea. I added some to the tea today, and it was good. It wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be, but I might not have added enough.

That's pretty much all of my exploration with tea up to this point. I'm so exhausted still, I'm seriously considering taking a "mental health" day on Monday and sticking around to take care of John - so maybe between tomorrow and Monday... I'll get a repeat chance to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.


  1. The gunpowder tea had each individual leaf rolled by hand into a ball so that it looks like gunpowder. That tea sounds a bit more manly than "green tea" LOL.

    I haven't tried "White Monkey." Was it good? I may have to get a sample of that next time I order.

    I really like agave nectar. My aunt introduced it to us.

  2. I used to drink all kinds of hot tea until I married a British dude and now I am completely spoiled when it come to tea. No one does hot tea bags like the much more flavor than ours! If you are interested in trying some out, email me and I'll get some in the mail for you!

  3. Umm, tea. I LOVE tea. I think I have a collection of at least 20 different loose teas at home.

    I've never tried agave nectar and I don't recall ever seeing it in the store. What store did you find it at?

  4. I had to laugh because my name is Kim and I'm sitting here drinking a hot cup of tea! LOL.
    I like your tea pot thingy! I may have to look into that!


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