Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movie Day

Today we spent the afternoon relaxing at home in front of the fireplace. It was a gloriously relaxing day, even despite my horrific migraine...

I think it's helped keep John's mind a little more busy today than the sports did yesterday - because naturally what did most sports events involve before today? Of course some sort of food... movies do as well, typically - but since it's been WELL over 16 months since I've been able to eat popcorn... that sort of has already been conditioned for us to be different.

The Bucket List was our first choice for movies today - I really enjoyed the movie - cried some, but well... I'm a little extra emotional today. It was a great story about living in the face of dying and of course about an unlikely friendship... it was funny and sweet - we both really enjoyed it.

The interesting thing was that Morgan Freeman's character at one point while sitting in a plane looks out and sees a beautiful site, and mentioned how beautiful it looks... which leads them into a short spiritual discussion:

Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson): I envy people who have faith, I just can't get my head around it.

Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman): Maybe because your head's in the way.

I found this especially interesting because before I became a Christian and had my moment in time giving my life to the Lord... I too couldn't get my head around it. Sometimes I still can't, but it's not for me to understand all there is to know... I just simply have to get past my own limitations and have faith.

Overall - I'd recommend this movie for everyone to watch at some point...

Our second choice for the day was: The Great Debaters.

This too was a great movie - I didn't watch the entire movie... or well not as closely as I would have liked. I was distracted by cooking my dinner and cleaning up the kitchen... I'm completely AMAZED at the number of glasses we are using right now with John's liquid diet... but I digress.
This was a great story, and once again Denzel Washington chose a role that I instantly loved. There is something about the characters he chooses that just instantly draw me in. They are intelligent men that are smart and stand up for what they believe in... and I eat that up. I loved him in Remember the Titans, and this one was another civil rights type story - as well as another true story.
I also loved the character development of the student debaters... it was just a great story. As is usual with me - I find it hard to watch and listen to stories about our history in that time... or at least the dark parts of if with oppression and hatred. In the end the story came to a great place... although - I didn't understand why Denzel's character showed up at Harvard, but left without seeing his students.
That concludes our movie afternoon/evening... you should check out both of these when you have a chance.

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  1. I've seen both. The Bucket List was good, but not all what I was expecting based on the trailer - it was more deep and not as funny, but ultimately a great story with a good plot. The Great Debaters was really good too - I'm with you though; I watched it, but not well enough the first time around. Watched it again and got all the way to the end (although predictable, I couldn't help but celebrate with them!) Another good true life story to check out is The Express, based on the life of Ernie Davis. The first African American to win the Heisman Trophy. :-)


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