Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

Here is our one question for this week:

Staci asked:
Now that John has had surgery do you think it will be easier for you to reach your goal?

Great question, I don't really know the answer... but I like it! I have already seen a change in my food habits again - it's amazing how quickly things creep back into your pantry that don't belong there. I think it was harder in some ways to have us focused on completely different eating plans and guidelines. Now that they will be more in tune with each other - and we'll both be eating tiny amounts... I think it might be easier to kick start my weight loss again. It certainly put me in the frame of mind that I can do the 5 day pouch test. I'm starting that tomorrow - and I'll share information on it a little later.

One thing that I'm not sure of though is if my goal was realistic. When I started this journey - I really had no idea what to expect - so I threw a random number out there of being at 140 pounds. Which don't get me wrong, would be a fantastic place to be... but as I sit here having hovered around 225 pounds now for over 6 months - I wonder if a more realistic goal is in order. I mean honestly - would 175 be more in tune with where my body wants to live? Would I be happy with that? I don't know, and I won't know until I get there...

I don't put all my stock in the number - if I could just get to maybe a size 10 or 12... I'd be pretty darn happy to have gone from a size 32 to a 10/12!

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  1. The idea of a goal weight is so weird. For me, the "normal" range for my BMI is 125-145, so I made 145 my "official" goal weight. My surgeon's goal for me is 135. My "successful WLS" goal (65% of excess weight lost) was like 218 or something.

    While I'd love to see 145, I'm perfectly happy in the 160's. I wear a 10 or 12 bottom, medium or large top, and I feel good. The only real reason for me to keep losing is to have wiggle room for maintenance and aging.

    But if I had to decide based on how I feel in my body, I've never felt better than I do right now. I have no idea if getting any lower would increase that or not!

    So who knows!

  2. 10/12 is a great doable size for sure. I wouldn't focus so much on the number either.

  3. When I had surgery my doc said a good goal weight for you is around 118. (I was 5'2 when I had surgery 3 years ago, now I'm 5'0--?!?!?!)
    I stopped losing weight after 6 months and sort of just hovered there for what seemed like an eternity. My weight would fluctuate 3 pounds up or 5 pounds down for what seemed like a year or more I bet. I stayed around 140-145. That put me in a size 8/10/12 for the past 18 months I bet. I couldn't seem to move. I'm now since having the tuck at 135. I look at myself in the mirror and think there is no way I can ever get to 118 nor would I want to. Although according to my BMI I am still considered overweight, I'm healthy now. I don't ever wanna be stick skinny-I like a lil meat on my bones. I'm afraid I'd freeze to death if I lost anymore.

    I'm curious about the 5 day pouch test. Never heard of it before.

  4. You have undoubtedly covered this before, but I've just recently begun reading your blog. Would you mind sharing (possibly again) what prompted you to have the surgery? Has weight always been an issue with you, or did you find that once you were in your teens, or went to college, etc., that weight became a problem? What did you try before you had the surgery? Please don't read any criticism into these questions; I'm just honestly curious.


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