Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

Here is our one question for this week:

Staci asked:
Now that John has had surgery do you think it will be easier for you to reach your goal?

Great question, I don't really know the answer... but I like it! I have already seen a change in my food habits again - it's amazing how quickly things creep back into your pantry that don't belong there. I think it was harder in some ways to have us focused on completely different eating plans and guidelines. Now that they will be more in tune with each other - and we'll both be eating tiny amounts... I think it might be easier to kick start my weight loss again. It certainly put me in the frame of mind that I can do the 5 day pouch test. I'm starting that tomorrow - and I'll share information on it a little later.

One thing that I'm not sure of though is if my goal was realistic. When I started this journey - I really had no idea what to expect - so I threw a random number out there of being at 140 pounds. Which don't get me wrong, would be a fantastic place to be... but as I sit here having hovered around 225 pounds now for over 6 months - I wonder if a more realistic goal is in order. I mean honestly - would 175 be more in tune with where my body wants to live? Would I be happy with that? I don't know, and I won't know until I get there...

I don't put all my stock in the number - if I could just get to maybe a size 10 or 12... I'd be pretty darn happy to have gone from a size 32 to a 10/12!

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