Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

The number of questions is faltering - I'm wondering if this weekly feature is running its course... we'll see what happens... if I don't get many questions next week - we'll make a decision.

In other news, Mama is feeling like a MASSIVE cold is coming on... it's becoming less like allergies and more like something snotty, painful, and nasty... but I don't have time for this at all... my bestest buddy is moving this weekend and I want to help her!

For now here are this week's questions:

Christi asked:
What did you want to be when you grew up?

Well... besides the obvious choice of a Mom... I'd say a teacher. I've wanted to teach elementary school since I can remember - but it didn't work out in college because of a grade issue before I ever started the education classes... and I couldn't get them back up in time to get back into the program. So I went forward with my degree plan in Sociology... and got my alternative certification a couple of years ago... actually in 2006... but haven't been able to land a job - so here I am.

I'm beginning to wonder though if publishing wouldn't be more suited to me... I think I'd love to be a book editor or something like that too.

And then, what sort of music do you listen to, who are your favorite artists and what is your favorite song right now.

I'm not sure about artists - I love Worship music, but rarely if ever know who is actually singing. It's partially because when I really start liking the songs - it's typically being performed by my husband and our church band... then I have a hard time getting used to the original versions that they adapted from.

I really like You Never Let Go, My Savior Lives (We're doing both this weekend!! Which will undoubtedly make me cry right there in church... thanks Justin!!), Trading My Sorrows... and others...

I'm not a huge music buff though - so other than that - I love old country music mainly. I have always been a fairly big Garth Brooks fan, but I'm starting to wonder about that in light of some of his recent actions... long story... but I guess I still like his original music even if I don't like his actions.

Jenn asked:

What's your all time favorite recipe?

Geez - in what genre? I guess overall - one of my favorites is my Chicken Spaghetti - followed closely by: Layered Chicken Chile Enchilada Casserole, Chicken & Wild Rice Soup, Beans & Rice, Tacos, BBQ Chicken & Corn Salad, Peanut Butter Candy, Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake, and Strawberry Jello Salad

I've got tons of other stuff - pop on over to Kim's Cuisine to see all sorts of recipes that interest me...

Favorite aroma?

I'd have to say... hands down... John's cologne... at the END of the day - in the morning it's a little strong.

A close second... Starbucks... there is something so comforting about the smell of coffee... don't ask me what it is because I can't drink straight coffee... but the smell is Fab-O.

When you need to wind down and relax, what does the trick?

I wish I knew... I guess a hot bath, but I'm trying to avoid them right now - because I found out on Monday that heating up the core of your body when trying to get pregnant is not a good idea. That was my cheap way of relaxing...

If I REALLY need to relax (and now would be about that time... 3 pounds and I'm going for it) an hour long massage does the trick... if I can't manage that - a pedicure while sitting in one of those fantastic massage chairs works a distant second.

That concludes the Q&A for this week... submit your questions in the comments section today for next week!


  1. I just found a site that sends fun socks out to those of us who frequently have our feet up in stirrups ( I could have used some today; I just got back from the doctor's and I'm wearing very boring brown socks. So here are my questions for Q&A Wednesday - are you a solid-color sock wearer? or do you like the crazy ones? What do your craziest socks look like?

    PS - Thanks for the book suggestion; I will check it out!

  2. I have to ditto ya on husband's cologne. Todd wears just what I like and he's a fanatic - he has several bottles! Thanks for the recipes. I really just wanted to know what your faves were. ;-)

    You reminded me that I have a certificate for $75 worth of spa services and a massage sounds gooooood!


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