Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sensitive Eyes

It's that time again... Works for Me Wednesday!! (And the crowd goes wild... oh wait - that's just in my head)

I thought that this week, I'd remind you guys of the two times now in the last couple of months that I've had some sort of allergic reaction to either my eye makeup OR the environment here in the lovely city of Houston, Texas.

I have highly sensitive eyes to begin with and regular mascara just makes them itch in ways that are really just unimaginably irritating.

Then with recent events - and lets just call them yellow goop days... because honestly that is what is coming out of them at said allergic reactionary moments. (In the event that you ever have this happen... cold compresses really seem to help!)

I decided that it was once again time to throw out EVERYTHING related to eye makeup in the house and start over.

I went to the store - and well - since I met Dave Ramsey a while back - I can no longer justify going to Macy's for my makeup purchases... because well... that would dip into my fun money WAY more than I'm willing to allow for such things. So I tend to stick with the makeup section of Target or HEB these days.

Our HEB is one of those fancy schmancy ones that is a combination HEB and Central Market... so they have these wonderful women assigned to the beauty section for the sole purpose of helping you pick out such products.

So there I was... looking for something that was going to cure all of my issues with eyes... and make them look pretty for Easter - and the lady walks up. I ask her what they have for EXTREMELY sensitive eyes... and she gives me two options.

1) Neutrogena
2) Loreal

I tried the Neutrogena product last time around, and while it was a vast improvement from what I had before that... it wasn't quite as good as I was looking for. So I opted for the Loreal product this time around.

Ladies, I introduce to you... Loreal Bare Naturale Mascara - they have a whole line of Bare Naturale products... if you're looking for something else. (I only wear eye makeup... so this is my only area of interest.)

Not only is it FANTASTIC... but it's lighter than any other mascara that I've ever tried. It feels more like a lash tint or something than it does mascara... She mentioned that people told her it was creamier than other mascara products... I don't know if that's true, but it certainly goes on lighter and there are no clumps whatsoever.

If you have sensitive eyes... I highly recommend you check this product out. It absolutely works for me!
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