Thursday, April 16, 2009


And what do you write about when you completely are brain-dead and without topics that typically flow freely??

If you are me...
  • Gut wrenching pain that actually spontaneously just caused an episode of nausea all because you absent-mindedly hit your knee on the support post under your desk. OUCH!
  • The pride you feel from getting all of your 1st cousins signed up for Facebook... and then the horror of being asked to plan a family reunion.
  • Okay - horror is a strong word - I'm actually warming up to the idea of planning an opportunity for us to all get together again... we haven't seen each other since 2004 afterall!
  • The silent prayers that are going up that before said reunion happens - I might have a baby to introduce to everyone...
  • The fact that while the work is sitting on your desk - you can't bring yourself to actually get it completed. (I will... I just have to force it to happen)
  • The complete lack of motivation to do anything other than eat... and said eating is motivated by CRAZAY cravings that I am not/was not prepared to have as result of Clomid.
  • The fact that I met an AMAZING lady (Hi Nicole!) that has a story so close to the same as mine it is scary... and the weird thing - she grew up in the same area of town as I did... and was born at the hospital where our baby will be born!
  • The prayers that you're also saying for your co-worker that is having the first of two eye surgeries today... and that she'll be able to have her kidney transplant soon.
  • The wish that those last 3 pounds would magically fall off so that I can get a massage that I desperately need/want.
  • About my excitement that my best friend is now a homeowner...

Okay... so it turns into a random post of thoughts that don't really go together... but that is where I am this morning.


  1. I completely follow random it seems to be the only way my brain works :)

  2. I really like how you're already claiming your baby's presence in this world. That brings me joy!

  3. Holla!!!

    I have some random things going on too. Hummm

    Also, Why did I got to target and buy some snickers that were on clearance from Easter.. I don't need them!!


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