Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vitamin Levels

Any of you weight loss surgery ladies know what this post is about... the dreaded vitamin testing... aka the times of the year that they suck out 20+ vials of blood to see if you're taking your supplements properly.

In all honesty, between the fertility treatments and vitamin testing - they could just put in a central line or something and continuously suck out blood daily... at least that way I wouldn't have the joy of them digging around in my arms trying to find a vein.

The interesting thing that happened last time though was that when the tech saw the tests I was having done... he was all "Soooo, weight loss surgery or pregnant?" Nice... looks like I'm in this pattern for the long haul... either way. I guess at least one does help the other.

Wow... I went WAY off topic there...

In looking through my levels - everything is basically normal... to low normal... with the exception of my vitamin K level. It is a little low... but seriously other than that I'm looking GOOD!

So my regimen of 3 Flintstones Complete (don't judge - that's what they tell me to take!), sublingual B-12, sublingual D, vitamin C (which they can't test for), and calcium... is all keeping me right where I need to be... (For those that might not be familiar - sublingual=under the tongue)

Dr. Weinstein did send me a note that I could get a Vitamin K supplement from Bariatric Advantage -but thus far I haven't used any of their products... and I'm a creature of last minute vitamin shopping - so I'll have to check our HEB this weekend and see what I can find there.

I did a quick Google search on vitamin K - and would you believe that a good source of that very vitamin comes in the form of spinach? Coincidence that it quickly became my vegetable of choice? I doubt it... because your body is such a fine tuned machine... it will crave the things that it's missing! Last time I was dehydrated - I was gravitating toward salt in a BIG way...

Which makes me wonder - what vitamin do you get from Coldstone Creamery - Sweet Cream Ice Cream?! Because seriously if my body/car could conspire against me... I'd be eating it daily! So far I've only actually gotten there once - but I have had a couple of vanilla cones from Sonic lately too... Geez - pregnancy and clomid are going to cause me to gain serious weight... I'm going to need an intervention!

Nah - I just have to make some better choices, and hope that my body will gravitate toward the vitamins that it needs during pregnancy... then if the occasional irrational Coldstone craving hits... it'll be okay in moderation.

I'm still waiting on the hormone test results from Dr. McWilliams' office... so as soon as I have any news there - I'll be back to share!


  1. I actually LOVE the vitamin testing because I love keeping track of all my vitamin levels! Although I only get a CBC, CMP, and B12 test... they don't check for vitamin K or anything like that.

    The only thing I take that you didn't list is an iron supplement, but it looks like we're the same otherwise. How cool that you've been craving spinach due to the low K... our bodies really are amazing!

  2. I've never had any vitamin testing done...actually I didn't know they did stuff like that! I take flinstone vitamins too (because they taste good!) and it's good to know your Dr. recommends them b/c now I don't feel so bad! ha..ha..
    And Coldstone should be a vitamin in itself....I would got there EVERY day too you are NOT alone in that! Wishing you well...take care, Becky


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