Thursday, May 21, 2009


I think that my legs have decided that they're going to revolt and cause as much pain and anguish as possible! (they are screaming in mutiny!!) I've been hearing via Facebook that by Day 3 things typically get better.... MAN, I hope these people are right!

Last night when we went to bed - I even made John feel my leg... it's like they're on fire... and have a fever or something - you can feel heat on my legs! Another thing, why is it that when something hurts - that is the exact place where the springs of the mattress are going to put pressure? I mean really, getting into bed is usually a happy and relaxing feeling... last night though it was like being stabbed with a spring coil!

I've been sitting here all morning, praying with every fiber of my being that I not have to:
1) Get up out of this chair
2) Be forced to move quickly
3) Have a need to use the restroom
4) Somehow without any of the above office to be moved to the first floor!

Yeah, none of it is going to happen - but when any of the above does happen... do you have any idea how painful it is?! No, I didn't think so...

It's now clear to me that I've never in my LIFE used the muscles on the front of my legs...above the knee... because they CLEARLY don't know what is happening to them. No pain, no gain though... right? GEEZ!

I'll probably stick with my custom workout for tonight and give the squats and lunges a try again tomorrow. Last night's workout was pretty fun - I focused more on the running, walking, dancing, basketball playing, volleyball playing, baseball playing, tennis playing, and boxing cardio moves... which were all pretty fun. I can safely say though that I am much better at ALL sports virtually... because I can't hit a ball or a basket if I tried! Much less hit a target with a baseball!

I'll be back later on today... I'm desperately trying to write a post inspired by Jenn over at From the Desk of a Princess... but I can't seem to come up with any silly stories about my childhood!


  1. sorry you're hurting. I'll think of you today when I exercise. Jillian is beckoning me to try Level 3 on The Shred. I'm sure she will find some new muscles that I haven't used yet to inflict torture upon.

    My husband has been sweetly offering to massage my muscles at the end of the day, but even that hurts! Surely this will get better...right?

  2. yea day 2 is always the worst when you start a new workout. Day 3 should be better. I try and work out every other day for this exact reason.

  3. That sounds horrible!! But just think... soon you'll be doing it with NO soreness!

  4. Well, at least we know the Wii game provides a great workout! You don't have shin splints, do you? I had those once and they are really painful!

  5. Catching up on my reading, can you tell? ;)

    I'm sorry you're so sore...ugh. Someday, someone has to invent a way to work out that doesn't involve movement - when they do, I'm totally signing up.


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