Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guest Posting

Hi guys... things for me have reverted back to one of the previous stages of the grieving process today - so I'm dealing with some serious anger issues.

I will be fine, and I promise you that Question and Answer Wednesday is still going to happen - it just probably will not post until tonight... the good news for you? You have some extra time to get in your questions... fire away!

In the meantime, I wrote a guest post for Summer over at B is for Brown - please go over and check it out. It is a post all about my favorite recipes from the Kim's Cuisine blog... there is a ton of yumminess over there!

Give Summer some love while you are there too - she is fantabulous, and you will not regret becoming one of her regular readers!! I promise... she comes my BIGGEST stamp of approval. You will absolutely love her!

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  1. honey bunny. u were the bestest ever! people love your recipes. did you like the 3 pics i choose and how about that one of you in my next post? i stole it from you. STOLE IT! mucho loveo!


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