Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Question and Answer Wednesday

Summer asked:

your perfect weekend but it has to be a fantasy??? dream big.

Hmmm...well, I think that judging by my current circumstances... I'd choose a long weekend either at a spa... or on Mackinac Island, MI... the spa for obvious reasons, but Mackinac because it is fairly remote. We went there in 2001, and it was heaven... no cars allowed on the island, you have to take a ferry... and everything is either by bike, walk, or horse drawn carriage... we stayed in the most amazing bed & breakfast... I just remember being totally at peace there.

favorite childhood game?

I'm not really sure, I loved playing school. But I guess game wise - I'd choose Life or Cleaver Endeavor... it was a game that my Dad and I played when I'd visit...

chocolate or vanilla?

There was a time that I would have exclusively said chocolate, but now it depends - I've learned to appreciate a great vanilla... at least in terms of ice cream!

if you could learn any language, which would you choose?

Italian - I don't know why... but Spanish seems too generic being in Texas... Italian is close to Spanish so I think I could pick it up - but it just sounds more romantic.

what are you afraid of at the circus or fair? for example, i am terrified of roller coasters.

I can't think of anything - I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters either - I get way to tense and then end up hurting myself. It's been a VERY long time since I've experienced either one though.

what is the first thing you would want to do when visiting me in nyc?

I'd like to say visit some of the 9/11 stuff - because that wasn't there on my first visit to NYC... but since you said when visiting you... I'd say that it would most definitely involve a cupcake and a BIG hug!

where would you take me shopping for vintage clothing in Houston?

Oh goodness... I'd have to ask some of my more trendy friends... but I'll bet that it would be somewhere in the Heights or Montrose area. Could we stop by Crave Cupcakes first?

what is your fave holiday and if you like Halloween, what was your fave costume as a child?

I'm not a big Halloween fan, I don't know why... I guess it's a character flaw with my being so unwilling to be something other than myself. I'd say my favorite holiday is Christmas... I think it's just one time of year when people are at their best... really the whole Christmas Season... I love being out and about hearing people treating others a little gentler and nicer than they do the rest of the year.

I also really like Easter, for obvious reasons. The reminder of what Jesus did for us is just an amazing day to celebrate every year.

Jenn asked:

David Letterman features people on his "Stupid Human Trick" segment. Do you have one?

No, I don't think I do... but maybe I should defer to John?

Biggest pet peeve while driving (or in your case, being chauffeured!)?

I don't always get chauffeured - I drive us home from work most days - John drives us to work most days... anyway - the biggest pet peeve I have at least with Houston drivers is the fact that if you show weakness by turning on your blinker... you most assuredly won't be able to get over into the lane you need to be in... people will speed up in order to keep you from getting in.

Also, people that don't wait their turn... they either wait until the last minute to get over when a lane is blocked and force everyone else to wait longer... or they just act so arrogant that they push their way ahead of everyone else. I mean honestly - we all have somewhere to be... just be courteous.

A slang word you use all the time?

I'm not sure - I guess "Ya'll"... I'd also say "seriously?" but that's not really slang.

Does John have any nicknames for you?

Not really, the usual... Honey, Baby, Sweetie... I think the cutest nickname that I have right now was given to me by Summer - she calls me Kimmie Bean... which for some reason makes me smile.

Most memorable part of your wedding day?

Wow, so many. It is a toss up between the moment that I heard the music start playing for the ceremony - and I just started having this constant flow of tears running down my face. I was so happy... so in love... and so aware of the fact that I was with the perfect man for me.

I think the funniest part of the day, was driving to the reception and realizing that we had to stop for gas. There I was in my BIG wedding dress stuffed into the front seat of John's Mustang... while he had to dig a credit card out of the trunk! Priceless!

The one thing you are the LEAST concerned about.

Least concerned about... well - pretty much anything that is unrelated to babies... Groceries, cooking, cleaning... working... shopping - I'm just not really interested in anything other than sitting on my couch and feeling numb at the moment.

That does it for this week... go ahead and start submitting questions for next week... I'll put out a reminder on Tuesday of next week. I hope that you guys start enjoying this series again - it gives me a chance to blog from a different perspective - filling in the blanks on things that you want to know about me. Not in some sort of weird narcissistic way, but just if there is something that I've left out - you can ask me and I can fill in the blanks. Fun questions like these are of course welcomed too!


  1. Glad to know that Houston drivers seem to know where St. Louis is too...

  2. 2 more questions: If you could go back and choose a different profession, what would you choose?

    everyone has a vice: some people smoke, some eat, some drink - what is yours and how do you try to curb it?

    I know you have a strong faith in God. Do you believe in Saints? If so, which one is your go to Saint? Mine is St. Anthony.

    I am still thinking...

  3. Favorite book, favorite gift John ever gave you and you ever gave him.


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