Friday, September 25, 2009

More To Come

There will be more information later - in terms of the progress of our cycle... but the last 36 hours have been so action packed... I felt like I needed to give you something to hold you over until I get the final report this afternoon.

Walk back in time with me... picture it, yesterday - about 9AM.

Shortly after I saw the entertaining ladies at the stop light...

I went to the doctor's office for blood work. Now, some of you may not experience doctor's offices in a major medical center on a regular basis... but at our doctor in the heart of the Texas Medical Center... we have to pay for parking in a garage... and for like every 15 minutes you get charged a dollar.

Anyway, on the front side of the garage - you park and walk right into the elevators... but if you park on the back side of the garage - somehow you have to walk down about 6 steps to get to the elevator.

Well, yesterday... I parked on the back side of the garage... you see where this is going yet??

Insert every joke I've ever heard about my graceful nature...

I stepped wrong on a step, and twisted my ankle - knee - foot (all of the above) - but thank God, I caught myself on the railing and didn't take a total nose dive down the stairs. I went on about my business though... hoping that it wasn't any big deal.

I made my way up to the 11th floor and had my blood drawn for the testosterone tests. Then off I went back to my office.... the whole time, my leg is swelling up like a Macy's Parade float. I pulled off my "trowzer sock" and checked for bruising when I got to my office - none could be seen, so I just let it swell.

The day continued on - as normal... all with me knowing that my doctor's office should get the results back from my blood tests at about 3. We've been down this road before, and they've never failed to call - I'd heard them say things like "It might be 6 before we call, but we'll get you the results today."

So, I trust them... like I should, right?

3:00 goes by... 3:30.... 4:00... no call... 4:30... 4:45 - John asked if I should call then, but I said "No, lets give them the benefit of the doubt"... 5:00... 5:30... 6:00... 6:30 - still no call. They never called last night.

Which you might think isn't a big deal, but the results from that testosterone level has cancelled every cycle we've tried this far... so it was the difference of knowing that we were injecting $200 worth of medication for a good cause, or in complete vain.

So we took the leap of faith and did the shots without knowing the results.

Went to bed, not knowing how my body is reacting to the meds this time.

Up this morning, off to John's office - where I hung out for about an hour reading my Bible... then to the doctor's office for our appointment.

I was literally sick to my stomach worrying about having to get bad news face to face... I can usually hold on during a phone conversation long enough to get done with them... then I fall apart.

Anyway, we walk in the door - and John tells the nurse practitioner that we never got our blood work results last night. She looks puzzled... and says that she'll look for our chart.

5 minutes or so passes, and she comes back out to tell me that they wouldn't get those results back until today sometime... and I almost lost it. I told her that we'd never had this problem before, and the WHOLE point of me having that test run yesterday was to get the results back before the ultrasound today - because if it was an unnecessary expense - we didn't want to go through with it.

She says, ok... and goes back to look for the chart again. She finds it and the results - somehow since I had my appointment this morning - the chart with the results made it back to some one's office before I got my phone call. Luckily, the results were that my level is now 26.

26 is still a very good number... we started at 22 - so in the last 4 days of stimulation... it's gone up about a point a day.

We had our ultrasound... which showed a bunch of follicles - I'll tell you more about them when we get the results back from today's blood work. I should get it back before 5 - but if I haven't heard from them by 4:30 - you better believe I'll be calling!

Hopefully I'll be back shortly to give you the update and next steps for our cycle... I'm very nervous waiting for this call... so I'm thankful to my friend Renee, John, and others for chatting with me today on Facebook & Gmail to keep my mind off of the endless waiting game.


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