Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Letter - Red Light Ladies

Dearest Red Light Ladies,

I just have to tell you that you certainly made my morning a little brighter... and my breakfast went down with a laugh.

I find you breaking it down at the light - to whatever music was playing in your car... to be quite humorous. The flare with which you were able to groove, clap, and sing at the same time was unlike any I've seen in a long time. You had style... and flare!

It made me smile, which says a lot with these whacked out hormones I have right now.

I didn't get the opportunity to show you my appreciation in giggling or by giving you applause because you never looked in my direction, but I sure wish that you had. It is a great service you're doing to make people smile first thing in the morning - and I for one appreciate it.

I also am grateful that whatever music you were listening to and enjoying so immensely... was not able to be heard in my car... because you have some common courtesy and didn't have it blasting at the maximum volume... and beyond that - you kept your windows closed.

The only thing I'd change might be the shower cap that you were wearing... it was a little distracting, and probably not your best look - but again, you wore it with style!

You, my friend... are the best of your kind. Thank you so much for brightening my morning!


  1. Wow, up until the shower cap, I thought you were talking about me! I love to sing (and sometimes dance) while driving around here.

  2. That is hysterical! I love catching people doing funny things in public!

  3. I wasn't wearing a shower cap this morning, but thanks for the nod! :-)

  4. Great post Kim!!!! Thanks for the laugh I needed it today :)


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