Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the Road Again

On Friday afternoon, we got the news that we are finally going to be able to start the treatment cycle back up again. It's amazing what a difference one week can make in my blood work numbers!

My testosterone had dropped to 22 from 42 last week! Praise God!

So we go in tomorrow at 1:00 to start our stimulation shots. This treatment cycle - we've gotten the doctor's office to agree to run my blood work hormone labs the day before doing any ultrasounds. That way if my testosterone levels drastically go up and cause our cycle to be cancelled - we'll only be out the $85 for the blood test.

If my hormone levels look good - then I'll go back the next day to have the ultrasound... we feel better about this because at least we're guarding ourselves and the $350 that the ultrasounds cost. It also hopefully will go a long way toward guarding our emotions as well...

If the hormone levels end our cycle at least we won't have seen the follicles and gotten the idea that those could become our baby...

As I've said before - we are in the middle of doing the New Testament Challenge with our church and I've been writing down and thinking about how I've been praying for our fertility treatments. The thing that I've neglected to pray for in the past is for our story to be used for God's glory. That our success and our baby can become a story that we can shout from the roof tops in order to bring people closer to him.

So to recap.... tomorrow we start the BIG MAMA shots in my rear. (John isn't looking forward to this) Then Thursday, I'll go in for my blood work. Once those results are in, I'll know if I will be having an ultrasound on Friday or not.

Please continue to pray with us that the Lupron can keep my hormones in check and that we can complete this treatment cycle.


  1. YAY!!!! Okay, well, BOO to the BIG MAMA shots, but YAY!!! And I'm glad that some push-back is getting the dr. office to do things your way as far as testing before doing the US. Seems like common sense to me...

  2. I love what you said about using your story for God's glory! That is hard to do when going through the roller coaster of emotions that come with infertility, but you're an inspiration to me and others! I'm praying that this is "the cycle" and your BIG MAMA shots are not in vain!


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