Monday, September 21, 2009

One Down...

....Several more to go.

I literally just got back to the office from our doctor's appointment. Everything on the ultrasound looked good... my lining is perfect and we have several small follicles in there that are now being given "miracle grow."

Any of you that have been where I was today - in ultrasound land - know what that's like, but seriously - when another lady is doing the ultrasound... is it too much to ask for her to be gentle?! I mean come on!

The part that I was dreading was the shot portion of our visit - nothing new with learning to mix the medicine. It's pretty much like last time - only instead of mixing the liquid with two vials of medicine... this time we're doing three. Easy.

The big change is that this time the shots are going intramuscular (in the rear) instead of in my stomach. So this means that I need an assistant for the actual shot... John asked the nurse if they provide the attorneys as needed when the shot administration goes poorly. HA!

So we talk through our "game plan" and head into an exam room for the actual shot. So there I am holding my pants up so that they can do the shot... but before the shot can be administered...she LITERALLY drew circles on my hips for John to use as a guide. Lovely.

She then tells him that it hurts less if you slide the needle in quickly... anyone else feeling weak in the knees?! Just me... great.

Of course this brings him to the subject of when he used to give his cows injections back in FFA... great... I'm being compared to a cow. LOVE THAT!

The nurse looks at me and says, "Are you alright standing for this?" I'm thinking - ok - I know the needle is big... but seriously? Is it THAT big? For the record... it IS that big. It is every bit as big as the needle that they use to draw blood for testing... think about THAT going into the muscle in your rear.

We establish that I'll be ok... but she suggests that I balance myself over the examination table while standing on only the leg opposite the side that he's giving the shot. (We will switch right and left each night)

So, there I am - perched on one leg... waiting for John to jab this huge needle in... and I look at his face... and I'd swear he'd turned three shades whiter than normal... Great!

It was over in a flash though - and could have honestly been a lot more painful... thank goodness for my saddle bags on my hips - because whew! Neither of us passed out... which is a bonus in my book.

We made a break for it - and went directly to Sonic for a treat... and I'm now back at the office feeling very light headed and ill. Gotta love my body for it's reaction to foreign substances.... I think it's motto is "when in doubt... switch on the nausea." Only this time it's going to accompany it with a pretty hefty headache right along side.

We'll be enjoying this regimen on top of the daily Lupron shots until I go back on Thursday.

On Thursday they will check my testosterone level, and if all goes well with that. I go back Friday morning for more blood work (estrodial) and an ultrasound... then more of the same next week until we're ready for the insemination.

Please be praying that we can get over the hump this time and stay with this treatment cycle until the end... I'd really love to see what could happen if my body would just hang in there and do what it is supposed to do!


  1. sheesh! this is all new to me and it's like waiting, waiting, waiting, and then BAM! shots appointments insemination... whew!

    Yep, I'll be praying you can see this cycle through to the very very end! :)

  2. Yes, that brings back bad memories. But, they really don't hurt that bad and by the end I was giving all of those shots to myself...even the 1 1/2 inchers in my bottom. And to think 5 years ago I was such a weenie that I had to be sedated to get a shot. No lie! Just don't think about it!

  3. White as a sheet? I think not - I was a rock :-)

    Love you babe!

  4. Oh man.. That sounds Scary!!! Our
    1st IM shot "attempt" did not go well(had to call my mom to give it too me).lol But now things are going really good with the shots.. considering that long needle!!!
    Its got better every time:)

    You said- "I'd really love to see what could happen if my body would just hang in there and do what it is supposed to do!"

    I understand this statement all too well. I'll be keeping you & your husband in my prayers. And I'm praying for you to make it all the way through your treatment this time:)


  5. If it makes you feel better, I nearly threw up over your description of the needle. (It's funny, I can feel my muscles tense up at the word needle, I don't need more detail than that.)

    I also read all the way through the post, trying to be a good friend. I did have to wait to leave a comment until the room stopped spinning.


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