Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amazing Things Happening

Yesterday, John and I had the opportunity to be the hands and feet of God in that we were able to help someone that we care about in a very real and meaningful way. I don't know how many of you out there have truly experienced that - but it really is a blessing for everyone. To be able to step in and give something tangible in the same and service of God... it's truly incredible.

I think that everyone should take a little extra time to seek out someone in your close personal circle and see if there is a need that you can help meet. Does that mean that things might be tight for you if it is a financial need... maybe, but there are so many other needs out there as well. It could be just some extra prayer, some extra time spent holding their hand... or any number of other things.

I know that the first initial response would be for most of us to turn down such an offer, but I have a new philosophy on that. John read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, and the writer there talks about how turning down offers of help is actually selfish - what? Yes, it can be... think about all the times that something has happened to a friend or loved one, and you just don't know how to help. You feel helpless... but really you are capable of doing certain things to help - the recipient just needs to be open to letting you do the things that you can. It is not a burden on anyone - they truly want to help - so let them do what they can.

Now, fast forward a few hours after we committed to helping our friends...

John is sleeping, and has a dream... but not just any dream. John's dream last night was about us getting a baby, in 3 months from a specific area of town. (EAK!) The dream framed it around another adoption agency... but the special part of this dream was that normally - John would have gotten up this morning and felt the need to research another adoption agency in that area of town... but this is where it gets cool. Instead, John felt comfort when he woke up and a sense that we will be getting a baby in 3 months time from our agency... but that the baby will be born in that area of town.

Now, that being said - we are going to continue down the path faithfully, and do everything that is put before us in the timeframe that is appropriate - to the best of our abilities we will turn each and everything around as quickly as possible... but you heard it first - if in January we announce something BIG (you all know what I'm referring to here) then you'll know that something supernatural was happening in my house last night - with just a simple dream and a whisper from God Himself. What an incredible God, He is...

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  1. I've got chill bumps and I want this for you! I so want this for you! Please GOD, work your magic! I love you so much, Kimmy Bean!

  2. woohoo! My friend Kristin announced today they're adopting a baby who's due Jan 21--two that month would be awesome!! :)

  3. You know I can't help but grin about this. All of it. :-D

    Too bad this isn't Facebook...I'd LIKE LIKE LIKE it!


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