Thursday, October 29, 2009

Favorite Things

On Saturday, I went to The Country Peddler show with my friends Danielle and Natalie. We had a fantastic day of fun and shopping with friends... and laughed until we cried... literally. In honor of the fun and the GREAT booths that we visited... I thought I'd tell you about my favorite things from the show.

My first purchase was this shirt - she had them in tons of colors... I almost bought a gray shirt with pink and silver bling, but John is not a fan of gray... so I opted for the brown instead.

The next major stop for us was a coffee booth that sold about 30 different flavors of coffee, 10 or so of hot chocolate, 10 or so of instant Chai teas, Just add wine cake mixes, and 5 frozen drink mixes that you could mix with Sprite, Ginger Ale, wine, beer or anything that tickles your fancy. I bought Creme Brulee coffee, and a lime frozen drink mix for John. Sadly they don't have a website - or I'd be passing it along to all of you.... the coffee is amazing!

Next up, I fell in love with a lady that makes yard cutouts - she has a Christmas tree with lights that is to die for! I also fell in love with these little snowman kids... so cute!

We ate our way through the Companys Comin' booth... where they had samples of fantastic dips, casseroles, pies, cheese balls, pie filling mixes and olive oil dips. I personally bought some of their roasted garlic olive oil dip and some Aussie Artichoke and Spinach dip. I should have bought a few other things too... like the Italian Cream Cheese Ball, Chocolate Cheese Ball, and the Dixie Pie filling mix - none of which are online, sadly.

To cap off all of the lovely dips and casseroles... we passed by The Caramel Candy Company booth... and ladies, I'm not kidding a bit when I tell you that this stuff is HEAVEN! The pecan caramel was literally... to. die. for. They also make fudge as well - all sold online. If I had been thinking - I totally would have bought this on the spot - but I was side tracked looking at baby things across the aisle.

Honorable mentions go to... Chile Grill, because those are just plain cool.... if you eat jalapenos. Also to All of Us Soup and Dips - because yum!  Several of the soups and dips were tasty - but it was so early in the show that I was trying to pace myself... thank goodness they have a website. I don't know about you, but anything called chocolate cobbler is just something that I know I would instantly love.

After we hit all of the shops - I also got a snowman framed piece of art for $2.95! It was awesome. We left the show and went for lunch at Chili's which involved lots of giggling and enjoyment. The morning was a huge success, and a ton of fun - and I hope just the beginning of many more to come. There was talk of a couple of get-a-way shopping trips... I'm going to have to start stashing money away now!

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  1. Sounds like fun! We have something here called "Christmas made in the South" which is a giant arts and craft weekend in November.


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