Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Facts

It is very early on a Saturday morning - and I'm enjoying the cold, quiet, and relaxation... so in light of that - I thought I'd write up some random facts about myself that you might not already know. (Ok, I started the post in the morning... but had to finish it later...)
  • I just became rediculously excited when I realized that after switching to the "new" blogger post writing update... I can insert pictures when I want to - instead of having to insert them first before writing anything. It's the small things... so what if it doesn't have spell check!
  • Ever since my weight loss surgery - I get cold really easily... so much so that we actually melted the gas line that went into our fireplace last winter buring fires everyday for heat... and yes, those of you laughing - I only live in Texas... so what did we do? Last weekend, we put in gas logs!


  • I absolutely love children's books... to the point of actually wishing that I could reread all the classics from my childhood without feeling silly. I dearly loved books like the Ramona Quimby series, Mouse and the Motorcycle, and books by Judy Blume - who apparently has gotten crude in her writing for adults.
  • Can watch a movie if I sit on the couch, but if I lay down... forget it... I'm out like a light within 30 minutes.
  • Has not ever met a cat or dog that I didn't instantly love and want to take home.
  • Really has good intentions to be able to grow plants - in pots, in the garden, in flower beds... but just can't make it happen. I wouldn't even say that I have a brown thumb... it's black.
  • Hasn't ever bought anything from a catalog in my life - but still I have an unhealthy love and need to go through all of them that I come into contact with.
  • Believes that the only good thing about Halloween is the candy. I've never enjoyed dressing up - so that pretty much only leaves the candy... and who doesn't love that?!
  • Isn't sure that there is anything better than time at home to be still and just enjoy what you have. Even when big pieces are missing - you can still take stock and be grateful for what you do have in the moment.
  • Wishes that I could explain to you guys how terrifying speaking is for me... there are people that I literally can't talk to. It's strange, but it is very much my life - there are people that I am so uncomfortable speaking to - I literally lose my breath and can't find the breath to even be able to speak. It is so contrary to how I am able to be in writing...
  • Hopes that someday I will have the vision and ability to make my house look for finished, decorated, and complete.
  • Enjoys cooking and baking for others when I have the time - but hates cooking during the week when time is limited. I like being able to spend the time relaxed preparing food with love for those that I care about. Which is also shown via an unhealthy number of subscriptions to magazines that provide me with new recipes to try.
  • Can't remember a time in my life that I haven't been writing stories... papers... letters... or a blog. It's time for me to branch out and get published... and I think God is working on me with a story to tell. Only the idea of a "book tour" scares the snot out of me.
  • Literally has my dog fighting to get into the middle of my keyboard so that I'll spend some quality time with her right now. You think she's a little jealous of the fact that I was gone ALL day yesterday... and am now sitting here typing on this silver box?
  • Is often amazed that salads and sandwiches don't taste good if I make them for myself... but if someone else prepares it for me either at home or in a restaurant... they taste AMAZING!
  • Actually didn't play with Barbies until I got into junior high... at which time - my friend and I played like they were characters in soap operas...
  • Failed Art once in the 8th grade... even though I showed up and did my best everyday. I can't help it that even my stick figures look like someone drew them with my feet. I did however get an "A" the next 6 weeks for my paint color mixing...
  • Laughed for a good 20 minutes yesterday after talking to Danielle about this clip from the movie Up - which neither of us has seen.

  • Remembers fighting having to take a bath or shower as a small kid, but then also once I got in - never wanting to get out... if they just gave me a wooden spoon and a big cup - I was happy for as long as they'd leave me in there.
  • Became "the middle child" at the ripe young age of 24... my older sisters are 10 and 6 years older than I am... but my little brother is 24 years younger, and my little sister is 25 years younger. My Dad and Lynne decided to adopt shortly after John and I got married.
  • Both my maid of honor and my matron of honor were pregnant on my wedding day! They both had daughters - two months apart...and both named them Taylor. Both Taylors also have last names starting with the letter "H"
That's about all I have for right now - but I've got LOTS of posts coming up this week... I'm going to write as much as I can and schedule them to post at regular intervals during the week - so look forward to lots of pictures, and stories about our adventures for the last month or so!

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