Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just wanted to give you guys a quick reminder about Q&A Wednesday... I'd like to cut this off tonight so that I can try to write it up to post on Wednesday morning.

My days at the office are increasingly busy in preparation for a big event next week - so bare with me - I will catch up on any missed blog posts... and I know I owe some of you comments... I know how lovely it feels to get comments to acknowledge that you've posted something.

If you missed either of the last two posts - I encourage you to at least read the one on Perseverance.

Again, ask me anything - about my past experiences with weight loss surgery, infertility, fertility treatments... where we are planning to go from here... spirituality... favorite foods... movies... whatever comes to mind that you might want to know about me... leave it in the comments and I'll get it answered for tomorrow.