Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cankles & Considerations

I've gotten several requests lately both via the blog and Facebook to put out some belly pictures of how I look with Tyler blossoming and growing like MAD in my belleh... so I'm thinking about it. I don't know how I feel about it in terms of showing unflattering photos of my body in light of my past... with weight loss surgery - you tend to show photos of things shrinking... not expanding at alarming rates. HA!
Two things that are expanding like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon would be my feet... seriously ya'll it's bad. Want proof - okay here...

Aren't they ridiculous? I mean - I used to have definition between my calves and ankles... but not anymore... and there is a clear ridge of puff right at the base of my toes... this photo doesn't capture that - but it's like a pillow on top of my foot. You might be wondering about the line that appears at the base of my ankle area... well...
That's a permanent scar now - because I tend to wear the same shoes to work everyday... they slip of and on easily so that I can relax and put my feet up... but when they're swollen like this - they apparently have a ridge. I guess I'll be able to tell Tyler one day that he helped create those cute little lines on Mommy's feet.
I'll let ya'll know what I decide on the belly photos - or maybe one will just appear...


  1. I'd feel more comfortable posting a picture of my belly than my feet! haha...

    You've seen them, so you know!

  2. make sure your hubby is giving you lots of foot massages -- poor thing!

  3. Please be very careful!

    Are you monitoring your blood pressure at home? The swollen ankles are often first red flag for pre-eclampsia.

    I went through the same thing - and when the ankles got bad like this - that's when they put me on bed rest... for 18 weeks!


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