Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day in the Life

I had a post that I planned to write last night about something other than babies and my crazy life - but well... what can I say - life got crazy, and my predictable baby's bedtime routine didn't go as normal. So I opted to go to bed instead of writing the post. I'll try again tonight or maybe tomorrow... (more likely tomorrow)
In lieu of that post - I thought it might be interesting to some of you to know what a day in my life looks like right now... maybe later in the fall, I'll write another one and we can compare since it'll only get crazier - and I honestly can't even think about it or I'll fall over asleep in the fetal position right now.
So here goes... (starting from bedtime last night)
9:30 P - crawl into bed... or maybe I should say stumble?
11:30 P - wake up to potty and get a few kicks from Tyler
1:30 A - wake up to potty and get a few kicks from Tyler
3:45 A - James wakes up for a bottle... go prepare bottle so John can feed him... go potty and get a few kicks from Tyler
4:30 A - James and John are having a battle of wills... so I get up to see if I can help - from here the day starts, James hangs in his swing while John and I prepare for the day
4:50 A - Shower & get dressed
5:20 A - Prepare lunch and snacks to take to work, make sure that everything James needs it packed and ready to go for the day
5:40 A - Bandage the crazy dog's leg because for some reason it's decided that it needs to bleed
5:50 A - Unswaddle James and put him in his carseat
6:00 A - Leave for the sitter's house and work
7:00 A - Arrive at work - run around crazy for several hours
12:00 P - Lunch break... relax for a few minutes and read a little on my nook
4:00/4:30 P - John picks me up from work to head home to pick up James
5:00ish P - Arrive back at the sitter's to pick up James
6:00 P - Feed and play with James
6:30ish P - Figure out dinner for John and I
7:00 P - Eat
7:30 P - James' bath time, massage, and swaddle
8:00 P - James' last bottle of the night
8:30 P - James in bed
8:30-9:30 P - Clean up the kitchen, watch a little tv, catch up on Facebook, and try not to crash out on the couch
9:30 P - Stumble into bed...
Rinse, Lather, Repeat...
John is a HUGE help with all of this - so I don't discount that - there are some of those items that I am simply the assistant... but as you can see... it's a crazy life right now, so please forgive me if my blog reading has slipped... certainly the commenting has slipped... or if I forget to return an email or 15... I'm just trying to keep moving in the right direction right now... it's a wonderful blessing to be so busy and for the reason that I am. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world... one smile or coo from that little guy and it's a quick reminder of how great God is!