Monday, August 9, 2010

Mostly Mute Monday

Daddy giving the boy a massage...if only I can get in on some of this massage action!

This is how we dress when we stay home with Daddy...

This makes me laugh - because he loves being swaddled and not having use of his arms... but his hand is on his knee.

My new Baby Einstein toys... not quite big enough yet - but I know I'll love it when I grow into it.

My new thing when I'm sleepy is to rub my eyes...

Some of James' 3 month photos...

He looks bored here, doesn't he? HA!

Mommy & Daddy's wedding rings on James' feet....

And finally... for those of you that have been waiting... baby bump photo 1

Bump photo 2... ugh... I look HUGE!


  1. Aw, he's just adorable! I love the second pic where he's wearing a visor, the one where he's rubbing his eyes and love the wedding rings on his little toes! Well, all the pictures are cute. :)

    I don't think you look too big at all. I've been huge for months... I'm due in 3 weeks but I've had people telling me that I look ready to pop since June. :/

  2. That Baby Einstein thing is intense. Very stimulating.

  3. Hi Kim, Weill I first have to introduce myself and tell you I love your Blog. I found your Blog my way of Knitten Kitten and I found her Blog because I also had Bypass surgery in Nov. 2008 and Johns Hopkins Hospital where Kim did. Anyway, I have to tell you I am planning to start my own Blog because I also like to write and have been so impressed by reading yours and Kims. I little abotu me - I am 54, have a 24 year old daughter who is a 1st grade teacher and a 22 year old son with Asberger's Syndrome. I am married to a wonderful man and life is wonderful. I absolutely luv the pic of your baby with the wedding rings cute..well, better get back to work....have a great day ....Susan

  4. You aren't huge, you're pregnant and you're beautiful! Better be nicer to yourself before I have to come down there and kick your hiney! :)

    You're so right about that one picture where you said James looks bored. I kept trying to figure out what is was, and that's it!

    I love the one where he's rubbing his eye. That's just sweet as can be!

    And hey! Didja notice? That's a crocheted blanket!

  5. Kim, I love all the pics. James is precious. You look great. I need to post a new pg pic. Hopefully I'll have a good update to my upcoming test for Baby Boy. Have a great week. Blessings,


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