Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poor Baby

Well, we are still sick. James hasn't been able to transition to the half formula/half water mixture today. We started that yesterday, but he just wasn't eating much of it. Today he hasn't been able to nap much, and his soft spot was seeming to be a little sunken in to us... even though he has been going through the wet diapers like a crazy mad-man.

John called the doctor around noon - and she told us to go back to the Pedialyte only. We gave him 4 ounces of that over about an hour - and he finally went down for a nap. About 45 minutes in to his nap - he woke up and spewed every bit of it back out. Poor thing. It was like a scene from the Exorcist.

We were prepared to take him to Texas Children's Hospital - or Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital... but after our second call to the pediatrician - she advised us to cut him back to about 1/2 an ounce at a time and see how he does. He has only had one more episode since then - so we've just kept him home and are doing our best to keep him hydrated until his tummy can get better.

None of us got much sleep last night, but apparently that is a good sign for the doctor. She said that if he was lethargic - she'd be more worried about him than she is with him not wanting to sleep. It worries me though of course because you can just look at him and know he's exhausted. He has little bags under his eyes.

We just put him down for the night - so I'll be praying that he won't have any vomiting episodes through the night, and then John will likely take him back in to the doctor in the morning. The hardest thing for me in the world is to have to go to work tomorrow while by baby boy is sick... I am a mess, worried about him in ways I couldn't even imagine... and of course more than slightly tired myself.

Keep James in your prayers, if you don't mind... pray that he'll get better soon, and bounce back to normal quickly. We love this little guy so much, and it's probably hurting us much worse not being able to fix this than it is hurting him.

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