Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still Infected...

Well, here we are having endured this virus for a full week now... between James and I - we're miserable! We were sort of having symptoms every other day, but I've now been suffering for a full 2 1/2 days so far this round. It's one of the worst things you can try to deal with while pregnant - diabetic - and taking care of a sick infant.

In the last three days - I've literally only had:
- 1 yogurt (yesterday at 1 PM)
- 6 whole grain crackers (yesterday at 7 PM)
- 1 piece of toast (today at 5 AM)
- 3 crackers (today at 11 AM)
- Kraft Easy Mac & Cheese Bowl (today at 2 PM)
- a mug of vegetable soup broth (today at 8 PM)

I went a full 24+ hours with nothing other than Gatorade G2... between Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch... and my blood sugar levels are all crazy. They seem to be going from extreme highs to extreme lows because of this critter that has invaded my body.

It's crazy - because I can sort of see the symptoms mirroring between James and I to a point. Right now - I think he might be a little better off than I am... but 'lil man is not liking going back to formula from his grape flavored Pedialyte. (I sure wish the doctor would have told me to use the unflavored version!!)

For me - I tend to be fine... feeling okay until the moment anything other than clear liquids hit my stomach. Then there is intense cramping and bloating - like whatever the virus is starts having some sort of ROCKIN' frat party in there. It's quick too - this morning before I even finished 1/2 of my piece of toast... I was experiencing that joy.

As you can imagine, when you're stuffed full of baby... 29 weeks along in the morning - all of your organs are pushed into your ribs... and then you bloat up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon... oh yeah, it's REALLY craptastic!

We have a growth scan scheduled for tomorrow to see how Tyler is hopefully over the weekend - I'll have some more pictures of him for ya'll. As for the rest of the weekend's plans - um, yeah... to get better! Ironically - it was the same plan we had last weekend!

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