Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Training of a Mommy

Before I had children, I had some pretty specific ideas about what kind of mother I would be. For the most part, I wasn't completely off base... but there are a few things that I've done a bit off the path that I thought I'd follow. One of those things is the idea of crying it out - I'm just not strong enough overall to deal with it. I actually get physically ill when James has a fit.

So for the last 8 months, we've been able to put him to bed using the same routine. We swaddle him, give him a bottle, and he'd pass out - then we'd lay him in the crib or bassinet. Well, that no longer works. Somewhere between being sick and getting his first two teeth poking through those cute little gums... he simply wakes up whenever we go to put him down in the bed.

So we've had to adapt... and unfortunately that includes letting him learn how to put himself to sleep. We've had to change to swaddle, bottle, and then laying him down awake in the bed. He does get upset and cries for a bit, but we can sneak in the room when he's on a break from crying...and put his pacifier back in his mouth - it seems to knock him right out at that point.

I think he went about 20 minutes the first night, and then never made a peep until 6AM the next morning... and last night it was shorter, but he woke up around 4 or 4:30. In his defense on that though - he was flipped over so all we saw in the monitor was his little booty. He's never moved while sleeping before - so I'm sure that was a little shocking to him. It's a whole new world you know. The last two nights - he's broken his arms out of the swaddle too - so I'm thinking that he's moving away from needing to be swaddled, but I don't make that change on him just yet.

My little man is growing up! Tomorrow is the court hearing to finalize his adoption as well... we are thrilled! I can't wait to share that with you guys tomorrow. The day is all about James tomorrow - I'm not sure what we'll do, but maybe his first trip to the park is in order. If the weather is good. Right now it's less than a week before Christmas and 80 degrees outside!

And just because my boys are stinking cute... here are some photos for your enjoyment.

James decided that Tyler needed kisses last night... so that's what those last two photos are... hysterical and oh so cute!

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