Monday, August 8, 2011

Get the Pillows

My family needs to be completely wrapped in pillows and put in a padded room... immediately! You saw the photo of Tyler from last week. His poor little nose is recovering - but just in time for him to scratch his face yesterday on who knows what.

Then James bumped his head yesterday on the coffee table leg, and got the biggest blue goose-egg on his forehead. It brought me to tears just looking at the poor little baby. He did recover from the initial shock, and it looks better today - but I'm not kidding - it looks like our kids have been through the wringer.

I'm not sure if I have enough "moxie" to be a boy-momma. I feel this is only the beginning of all the crazy antics that will surely happen in the years to come... but it terrifies me. More than I can even put into words. I'm not good in emergencies and on top of that - I'm out numbered! I guess I'll have to get creative!

On top of all this little boy drama, our security system's batteries are running out... so about every 4 hours the alarms start going off. It's not super loud, but not something you want waking up the babies either... so the darn thing went off at 3AM this morning. I jumped out of bed and started running for the keypad that is right outside our bedroom.

I got to the doorway of our bedroom, and BAM... I hit the floor. HARD! So, John jumps up and comes to pick me up... I turn off the alarm and back to bed we go. Only to wake up this morning and every inch of my body aches. My neck, back, and shoulders hurt the most - but ironically my head is killing me too.

So - I'm thinking that for the time being - we just need to wrap us all in pillows and not move. Apparently, we can't handle it. HAHAHA!

Don't forget that I opened up the floor on Friday... send me any questions you might have about the boys, me, our family, our life, any topic is alright with me... send them over in the comments, and I'll get them answered this week.


  1. It must be a boy thing...My little dude fell and scraped up his face right before our Christmas photos last year! Le sigh.

  2. Oh Kim. I wish they made bubble wrap for humans. ;)


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