Wednesday, October 19, 2011

L is for Labels

I know, it was time for me to get back to normal... and I was having so much fun with my ABC posts. I hope that you guys are enjoying them as well, and getting to know me in a little different way than normal.

Some ladies around the interwebs have been talking about blogging as a community and as a craft. It is something that I have grown to love - it's an outlet for my writing, and a way to keep in touch with family & friends. Along the way, it's become so much more to me.

There is a community in it that is amazing - some of the women that I've met through blogging and now Twitter are every bit as special to me as women that I've met in real life. They are real to me, in every sense. I go to them for parenting advice, to share my triumphs, to share my weak moments, to share just about everything life has going for it. I enjoy communicating with them... and I hope in turn that they feel the same for me.

My ability to do some of the things that I used to love like commenting and reading have changed a bit with these boys that I've got... but I still make every effort to fit it into my routine as much as possible. I know that most of us don't blog for comments, but it is nice to know that people are out there reading...and that they care - so I like to show that I'm one of those folks to the ladies that I read.

I'd like to take this to a different level though, one that I've covered before... but haven't talked about in a long time. I dare to think that things have changed since the last time I've talked about it, but ultimately that doesn't really matter. The point remains the same. I am so much more than just a blogger....

I am a Christian, first and foremost... a child of God who struggles daily to try to live a life that would bring glory and honor to Him. Trying to love people without judgement - and to love the sinner but when needed, dislike the sin. To be a light to the world and share my faith with those that can benefit from my beliefs.

I am a wife, second... above all else in this world - doing my best to be the helper that God intended for John. Doing my best to lift up my best friend, and be the partner in life that he deserves. Loving the man that he has been since I've met him, and all that he has grown to be through the last 12 years of living life together.

I am a mother, third... the mother uniquely chosen for James and Tyler. Even if, for the life of me, I can't figure out what God was thinking giving them both to us so close together. I'm here to guide them and love them through all of the ups and downs of childhood... to teach them how to be a little bit of me and a little bit of their Dad... all while growing into the wonderful Godly men that they are destined to become.

I am a daughter, sister, and friend. Doing my best to keep these relationships going with the attention they deserve. Sadly, right now... some of my attention on these is lacking because I am spending so much energy on some of the things that come above that right now.

I am a blogger... which as you can see - is an ever changing thing based on where my life is at the moment. When I started this blog in 2007... I had no idea what my life would be like in 2011. At that time, I was focused on having weight loss surgery. In 2009, I was focused on my infertility struggle. 2010, brought our adoption journey... and the birth of two baby boys. I don't know where I will go next... but the way that I am labeled will continue to change as life does... it's an exciting journey, and I hope you'll stick with us and see where we will go next.

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  1. Hugs to you, friend. Sorry I'm late in catching up! I love this post.


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