Friday, January 27, 2012

Chronos and Kairos - Week 2

I'm back to give you some insights into our week... I will do better next week to get these posted on Thursday nights so that you might be able to link up with us.

This week was really not too exciting for us in terms of getting out. Tyler has been recovering from a monster diaper rash - so we stuck close to home for the most part and just played... and tried to rest. I'm not sure why it is, but my kids are just not on a "normal" nap schedule for their age... so our lives are still a bit off from the rest of the world of toddlers.

Chronos moments: (real time)
- Tyler having a horrible diaper rash and literally spending a whole day unable to walk
- The helpless feeling you have when your baby is in pain and there isn't anything you can do to instantly fix it
- The boys have started fighting over toys this week (good times)
- Food being thrown all over the floor
- Not making it to Bible study because of the diaper rash mentioned before
- Finding out that every other study week - there is extended time on the childcare so the Moms can go enjoy lunch together... knowing that there is ZERO chance of the boys being able to deal with that.
- Wishing that the boys didn't nap at 10AM... and did afternoon naps like most of the other kids their age.
- Losing my cool more that once with the boys during the week

Kairos moments: (God's time)
- Being able to comfort Tyler while he was hurting
- Snuggling with both of the boys one-on-one at least once during the week
- Watching my little men run into MDO and not look back - knowing that they enjoy it
- Picking up those boys from MDO and seeing how excited they are to have me come back
- Watching the boys light up at a commercial for a learning program we are planning to get them for James' birthday
- Just trying to be grateful that the boys get a decent nap - no matter what time it is.
- Knowing that even though I lose my cool with the boys - they are forgiving and are open to my apologies

I'd love to hear some of your moments from this week...

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  1. I sure do love these posts. Really do! Puts everything into perspective.


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