Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I Blog

There are so many reasons why each of us choose to share our lives on the internet, and for me - what started for one reason has evolved into so much more than I could have imagined.

I started writing this little blog of mine, my focus was on having weight loss surgery. I wanted to journal my experience for family and friends... and have a record for myself of the changes and things that I went through in the process between having surgery and recovery.

Once we got through the weight loss surgery focused part of our lives, life evolved into our struggle with infertility taking center stage for a while. We battled with this much longer than is chronicled here, but the most intense part of the journey is documented here - along with the days after hearing that the doctors couldn't help me.

Our adoption journey is here, along with the craziness of finding out we were pregnant at the same time as our adoption going through... and the insanity of having two baby boys at home while going through a major job transfer with John's job. Then the transformation from working Mom to stay at home Mom.

It's all here - my 2007 to today. It's crazy how much my life has changed while blogging!

Additionally, I've always loved to write - it's therapy for me. I can put it out on paper (or the interwebs) while it's fresh in my mind and it just makes me feel better to process through my thoughts this way. I know there are folks out there that don't understand why I want to put myself out there like I do, but those usually are people that don't write or understand the beauty of social media.

I know that one of those folks is also one of my most loyal readers... my Dad. He doesn't understand or necessarily agree with putting it all out there, but at the same time loves to read. HA!

For me, one of the biggest joys that I found in this process was connecting with readers. I never anticipated that through blogging, I would develop some deep and meaningful relationships with other ladies out there going through some of the same things as me. At first it was my AMAZING "cut & paste" girls that helped cheer me through the weight loss surgery journey. Then, I met some truly remarkable ladies through the infertility journey - ladies that walked with me, prayed with me, and shared their journeys with me. Now, I find comfort knowing that I'm going through some of the same things as other ladies out there.

Bottom line, I don't blog for any other reason than for my own enjoyment. The fact that anyone reads - which I think is few and far between... is just an amazing bonus. Why do you blog? More importantly, why do you come around here and read what I have to say?