Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Time has been marching along while this blog has been sitting empty - but life has been happening here the whole time... so I thought I'd share some photos of the last few weeks.

Of course my crazy men have been playing non-stop... getting into everything imaginable! Some are more hard-headed than others... sort of like talking to a brick wall... but we'll eventually get there. 

The last day of school for the school year... meaning the boys have been home with Mommy for almost 3 weeks now... I'm counting the hours until summer school starts on Thursday!! 

Tyler with Ms. Robin on the last day of school... he sure did love hanging out with her... and she really seemed fond of him too. We will certainly miss her this summer and next year when both of the boys move up to their next classes. 

James with Ms. Sheri - we sure feel fortunate to have been in her class all year. Another great teacher that the boys loved. My kiddos were always happy to skip into school each week - and I will be sad to not get to chat with her about Pinterest every week when the boys graduate out of her class at the end of the summer session.

We broke out the water table and used it a couple of times - they are WILD men with this thing... including putting their feet in... splashing like mad... generally having a great time playing in the water.

The boys have started giving "brother kisses" which is a GREAT distraction when someone accidentally (or not accidentally) hurts the other one. It's super adorable and was a great photo opp in our most recent portrait trip.

We played a lot in the back yard - took a trip to the Zoo - took a trip to the Children's Museum - tried to stay busy. I'm worn out frankly, and am glad to have one day a week back for a month or so... then one more marathon break until the school year starts and the boys go 2 days a week.

We've also relaxed a bit and watched some movies. I've introduced the boys to some of my favorite Disney movies along with their regular Baby Einstein videos... and I've added some new educational videos to our playlist recently as well. I found two GREAT song videos on YouTube that teach colors - it's amazing to see the videos that catch their attention. They'll stop whatever they are doing and run straight over to the television. I need to find some videos that catch their attention with the alphabet, numbers, and shapes too... if anyone has any suggestions - send them my way!

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  1. You are so blessed to have kid free time - I am so JEALOUS!


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