Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bee

On Friday night, while I was playing with my camera... this guy was flying around our porch, and I had to see what I could capture with that crazy telephoto lenses. I think I got some decent shots for someone that hasn't dabbled in photography in many years... okay, since high school - and it truly hurts that high school can now be considered many years ago, but I digress.

I also got some shots of a few flowers around the yard as well. I'm impressed - now if only they could make these things not to stinkin' large!

We're headed out this morning for a play date with some friends from MOPS - I hope that the boys have a good time and burn some energy. It's an enclosed outdoor park at a local church... we'll see!


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  2. Beautiful pictures! And I feel the same way about high school being forever ago! Makes me feel old. Not that I'd EVER want to do high school again. ;)


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