Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog 365 for 2013

Here we go, readers! Ok... there aren't many of you left these days, but maybe a few folks will come along for the ride this year and beyond. My goal is to blog every single day this year - to be more intentional with writing, and to get back into a routine.

I used to blog everyday before the kids were born, and when I was working... somehow it was easier then. I guess there was more downtime then. Now, I am trying to fit in WAY more during the 2 hour time frame of naps... and by the time the kiddos go to bed, I'm left trying to clean up the remnants of the day and maybe find time to watch a television show or two before I crash for the day as well.

I've got my trusty Erin Condren planner ready to plan out blog posts in advance so that I'm not sitting there in my limited time and brain power trying to find a topic. I will see where things take me, no big pressure right now on weekly features or anything like that... but if I find some weekly type series that fit my writing -- I may join in on those from time to time.

Personally, my goal has never really been to have a huge readership - it's nice to know people are out there - but mainly I write for myself. To process through things -- like my life journey through weight loss surgery, infertility, adoption, and parenthood. Now that we have a clean slate for the new year... I want to walk through life with ya'll in a more intentional way.

There are some personal goals I've set for this year -- aka Resolutions -- but I want to fine tune them before putting them out there... so look for that this week. I've got 1,100+ photos to go through from our Christmas travels, so I'll be doing some picture posts from our 4 Christmas celebrations... and then we'll see where my brain takes us.

If there is anything you'd like to read about, let me know -- I'm happy to take questions to answer... sometimes those might turn into a post all to themselves if the topic lends well to that. My goal here is to be reader friendly -- which is a good way for topics to evolve too. I'm sure there will be funny toddler stories along the way too! With these two wild animals - it's never dull. I will mainly post the night before and have it set to post in the morning -- it works well for me, and keeps things consistent.

Anyone out there that might be joining along in the Blog 365 challenge... let me know -- maybe we can share ideas! 

Hopefully you're all enjoying 2013 so far, and watching a little football. I'm headed to watch my annual viewing of When Harry Met Sally in just a little bit!


  1. Glad that you will be bloging this year! I love reading your blog....... Happy New Year!!!

  2. You have great taste in chick flicks, my friend! I'm excited to see you get back into a routine. Makes me thing back to the "olden days", what seems like an eternity ago, when we were both blogging maniacs. :)

  3. Grr, I don't think my original comment posted. Anywho...great taste in chick flicks, yay for daily blogging and that's about it! :)

  4. New follower! Found you on Java Mama's biggest loser challenge. Good luck! You can see my 365 post at www.craftyworkinmommy.com


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