Thursday, April 18, 2013

James' 3rd Birthday

My big boy is now 3... how fast time flies. Our theme this year was construction. Even with all the other things we had going on -- I think that this party was pretty cute.

Our party favors were "paint brushes" -- rice krispie treats with a popsicle stick and then dipped in chocolate. We had two small babies as guests so we got them something that wasn't edible too.

The decor... I am really excited about how it turned out. Thanks so much to a sweet Daddy who is happy to jump in and decorate when things get short on time.

The truck was a birthday gift for James, but we thought it was a super cute chip bowl!

 The food was a lot of fun, and I even enjoyed coming up with names for each item and making my own label cards. 

Mommy's sweet boy, ready to enjoy a party all about him!

How cute is this cake?! My sister in law and her neighbor have never let me down on their creations -- they've done all our cakes so far, and I ask each time we get ready for a birthday with the prayer that they won't ever quit!

Crazy Tyler... such a cute little man!

James got bored opening all of his gifts -- I pray that doesn't always happen... I guess it is overwhelming for a little guy. Thankfully, Tyler was ready to jump in and open a few too. HAHAHA!

Cake time!! We had to repeat the blowing of the candles several times... and ended up driving home with James singing "Happy To You" all the way.

A good time was had by all... and my little cake lovers were happy. By the end of the day -- they were all worn out and ready for bed... I'd call that a success!


  1. You always come up with such cute ideas! Another well executed party! And boy, you aren't kidding about how fast the time goes, geez! He'll be DRIVING a Cat before too long!


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