Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Loss & Legacy

In 2007, I began a journey that introduced me to two people (many others too, but for this story -- these two are the important players) - Laurie & Jil. These two wonderful women have been my friends ever since, and have lived through some great highs and some lows with me.

 (Laurie, Kim, and Jil - 2010)

I think about the things that have happened in my life since I met them -- I lost 100 pounds (some is back, but I've got a plan for that), Infertility struggles, 2 babies in 6 months, Moving to TN, Moving back to TX, and some great personal & professional successes. Last week, we were joking about all the things we were going to do once I got home to Texas again, but then life changed. Laurie got sick at the end of last week unexpectedly, and she passed away yesterday morning. The picture below is Laurie looking radiant with her boyfriend, John. The photo was used as part of a page that was set up to keep everyone in the loop on how she was doing -- but now, please Pray for Laurie's family & friends as we say good bye this week.

Laurie was one of the most encouraging and genuine people I've ever known. She loved selling Scentsy, which made us closer because I was on her team. When she passed, she had about 100 people in her group and she made time for each and every one of them. She loved each of us, and believed we could achieve anything in this business. She was a shy person, just like me... but she made it work. She went on all sorts of incentive trips, convention trips, and leadership trips with her business - she REALLY made it work.

I was able to attend the Scentsy Family Reunion with her this summer in Indianapolis, and I will treasure that time forever. We had 5 ladies sharing a room as well as friends everywhere we turned - it was truly an amazing experience. Here is a picture of Laurie and I just before we got to enjoy a Kelly Clarkson concert to open up the event.

It's very sad that I've lost a friend, but also that she won't be able to continue doing the things she loved so much. So a group of ladies that went to convention together this year have made it our mission to carry on Laurie's legacy. We all want to promote and walk the stage next year as Directors (Laurie's rank at the time she passed away) carrying a banner or wearing t-shirts honoring her.

I would be grateful for any help with I can get on this mission... there are 3 ways to help, 3 product lines to choose from, and you will have my gratitude forever for helping in any way. It'll be tough to meet this goal, but I have faith that it's the right thing.

Laurie helped everyone that she worked with without ever thinking twice about it or ever giving a single thought to if it would benefit her. She was a light in a sometimes dark world, and I want to be that for everyone I encounter as well. I want to touch lives, and help people... Scentsy gives me a vehicle for that.

Each party that is hosted, each sale made, and each person that signs up to be on my team will help to reach this goal of honoring Laurie's memory. Scentsy family has 3 brands to choose from: Scentsy, Velata, and Grace Adele.

Scentsy is a line of great fragrance products for the home, body, and laundry... wickless candle warming systems safe to use around kids and pets... bath & body products in some of the same familiar scents... and now you can even add the scents to your laundry!

Velata is a line of fabulous family friendly mealtime products...we started with chocolate fondue warmers... recently added cheese and chocolate flavorings... and now have an entirely new table top grilling product line coming out next week! Our mission is to bring families together at meal time -- to provide families with time to put their phones and electronics away and enjoy time together over a meal.

Grace Adele is a line of accessories that can be customized for every person's style... there are handbags, clutches, and wallets that you can put together to create the perfect look for you - in 8 of the hottest colors for the season, you can mix and match them. Additionally, there is jewelry to go along with these systems to create a complete look that is all your own.

How would YOU like to help make this mission a reality? How will YOU help us honor Laurie's legacy? Contact me today!


  1. I hope you are successful in making director this year and walking across the stage, but no matter what you are honoring Laurie with your hard work and dedication to the business she helped you with. What a sweet friendship you all had!

  2. I am so excited to watch your journey with Scentsy just like I watched Laurie's. I am here to support you every step of the way! You can achieve anything you set your mind to. I firmly believe that and in you!

  3. The Cut N' Paste Girls have lost a soldier...Get out there Kim and kick some Scentsy Ass...Laurie was super passionate about Scentsy and I think she would be proud of you for taking the initiative!

    Mucho love sister christian...Jil

  4. I am shocked...I knew Laurie through an internet friendship but had lost touch with her recently......what on earth happened?

  5. I'm with Jil! One "man" down and now we pick up the slack. I am proud to say I was able to help (a little) when Laurie needed it (WAY back in the Scentsy beginning) and I'm more than happy to help you now. We've got to stick together. :-)
    Sending love from my neck of the woods,


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