Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Me

This year, I've decided to try the Trim Healthy Mama Plan - and totally revamp the way that my family looks at food. For years we have done the no carb thing -- or left off some food group in the hope that we could get healthier. This year, I think I've found the secret that I've been looking for.

It's not about complete elimination of a food group all together, but just changing the way that you combine and fuel your body. This has amazing promise to help not only with trimming our waistlines, but also helping with lessening my chronic illnesses as well! So if you're out there wondering how to help reverse the insulin resistance or diabetes that is plaguing your body... I'm telling you that you owe it to yourself to check this book out and read it with a new outlook on eating.

There is still much to learn from this book in my journey, but we are starting this week with breakfasts and snacks -- then next week we will add in lunches, and finally in week 3 we will add in dinners... somewhere in there we will also add in exercise too.

I sat there over the weekend basically feeling completely overwhelmed by the meal planning aspect of this plan -- mainly because I want to make sure that we have everything we need on hand instead of being caught off-guard and needing to make bad choices just for the sake of serving a meal. When I finally found someone else's guide to starting the plan -- I found my saving grace. I was sitting there dumbfounded over needing to plan all of this out... but then I realized that it was going to be okay to just get one or 2 meals a day planned for this first week.

I'm also working on adding more water to my daily intake. I've cut WAY back on Cokes and Dr. Peppers -- but I want to get them completely gone again like they were at the end of the summer. I've only had one here any there since I quit them in July... but they really aren't good for you so I'd like to get them cut completely. If you're sitting there thinking that you can't possibly live without them -- just know that I was right there with you initially. I didn't think there was a world without having one every other day or so... but I'm here to tell you that I really don't miss them much at all when I'm not on them. I think I had one craving which is where I initially had one, but I really didn't enjoy it like I did before... so trust me there is a world afterwards.

I made this document for meal planning with Trim Healthy Mama -- so I'm going to add the image to this page, but if you find that it is not in a good printable format -- please contact me, and I'd be thrilled to share it with you! 

My other main addition for 2016 so far has been that I'm doing a Bible reading challenge with my family -- my sisters & Dad are on board with me -- and we are reading 3 chapters of the New Testament each day for 90 days -- which will get us from Matthew through Revelations by the end of March. We are only on day 4 -- so please feel free to jump in with us, and let me know that you're reading with us so that I can check in with you from time to time. We are using the Bible Progress app to track our progress -- it's a free Apple app -- but I'd bet there is one for Android phones as well.

My final 2016 goal for now to share with you... is that I'm going to do my level best to be back on this ol' blog of mine as much as possible. Right now my goal is to post at least every weekday, but I'd like to get back to doing it daily as part of my regular routine... so bare with me while I knock the old cob webs off this site, and my fingers... I hope that you'll like where our journey on this page is about to take us, and that you'll jump in to let me know that you're here with us! 

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