Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, our first offer came in today... and it's a HUGE pay cut, and has several cons - so we'll have to evaluate it as others come in. I asked for them to allow me until next Wednesday to make my decision, and I'm praying that something more in our budget range would come in before that time. This would put a damper on many of our efforts to get out of debt, and save for our future. Their benefits package excludes weight loss surgery too, and that would be very disappointing to us in our quest to get John the same surgery I had.

Nothing new on the other job opportunities today, but I'm sure that things will pick up in the next few days. Mainly though - my biggest concern was getting enough time to make the choice after I have my second interview on Monday with my first choice, AND to see the teaching opportunity through. (Of course that'll be the one that I take if it is offered - and it does cover WLS after you meet their criteria.)

On the workout front - I ran 5.005 miles today!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! My friend Hope was funny she said that I was doing what marathon runner does. It's about a 6 1/2 minute mile... which is completely amazing... and beyond anything I thought that I'd ever be able to do. Of course there is no way for me to know how accurate the Wii Fit system is on this, but I'd have to believe that they did their homework on it before releasing the game. There are ways to trick the system and have it move faster, BUT my goal is to actually see what I am doing - not cheat. So I feel really good about it.

I am proud of the progress I'm making in my workouts, and hope that the scale will show my efforts this week!


  1. You are amazing.

    I hope you get another offer before next week, but if you don't, another thing my dad always said was "it's easier to get a job when you have a job." Not that anyone wants to accept a position and then quit when something better comes along, but hey, people do it all the time. And some income is of course, better than no income. And of course, you know all of this so I'm just blathering on as usual.

  2. If I ran 5 miles I would probably fall over and die. WAY TO GO! :)


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