Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Q&A Wednesday

Alright - I promise, pinky swear, and all that fun stuff that the answers will get posted the time I go to bed - the post will be written, questions answered... and it'll either post right then, or I will schedule it to post in the morning...but without fail by 9AM tomorrow - you will have your Q's A'ed...

We'll leave the theme off this week - since my brain is jumbled... so ask anything you'd like... by 7PM CST... and it'll get answered.

** On another note...I'm going to bring back the Friday Favorites post - just to share the love with my bloggy friends... so if you'd like to be featured on my Friday Favorites... write a guest post with some of this stuff in it:
  • Tell us how you found this little corner of the internet (aka Thoughts by Kim)
  • Tell us a little about yourself
  • What you like to write about
  • A funny tidbit
  • Just generally tell us about your blog and why we should read it
  • Make sure to include a link to your blog
Email the post to me (you can find my email by clicking through the "About Me" section to the link that says view my complete profile) and I'll post them on a first come first serve basis every Friday until I run out of posts. All are welcome - so please post this on your blogs as well... just grab this picture and send your friends on over!!

Alright, so get to it - send me your questions by 7PM CST tonight, and they'll get answered along with last week's questions... AND write me a guest post for Friday Favorites!

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  1. this is special to me bc it is how you and i became the best of friends.

    i will try to get something together but life is NUTTY!

    i love you with all of my heart, kimmy bean.


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